Joining the Group

The lab is currently accepting new members at all levels.

  • Graduate students can join through the Department of Biochemistry (see below) or Integrated Biological Sciences or Complex Biosystems.

  • Undergraduates from any department with an interest in our research and appropriate prerequisites are welcome.

  • Postdocs with training in virology, immunology, cell biology, or related: please inquire directly.

  • Individuals interested in technical staff positions with a relevant background and interested in our work: please inquire directly.

Anyone interested should email Dr. Lindsey Crawford at lindsey.crawford (at) with

  1. a brief cover letter (in the body of the email is fine) describing their scientific interests and relevant background for the position

  2. a CV/resume

  3. reference to the specific position opening (if applicable)

Graduate Applicants

for more details, please see here

Projects in the lab are appropriate for PhD students from Biochemistry, Complex Biosystems, or Biological Sciences.

Limited MS projects may sometimes be available.

For more information, please see the detailed page, here.


for more details, please see here

multiple options for undergraduates are available, including:

Internship / Volunteer Opportunities

Positions are available for students at all experience levels. Project type will be chosen depending on your interests, previous experience (if any), time commitment, and lab availability.

Course Credit

Positions are available for students through Biochemistry course credit. (Options through other programs may be available but check with your advisor first.) Project type will be chosen depending on your interests, time commitment, and class type. Please be sure to check with Dr. Crawford and your advisor before considering this option.

Funded positions

Positions with funding for student salaries are available through a variety of sources. For details (and application deadlines), please see the detailed page here.