Spring 2024 

Left--> Right

Emily Hogg, Chloe Deabler, Kate Thortenson,

 Lucia Martinez Cuesta, PhD, Kai Waddell, 

Kamryn Pfenning, Lexi Hauxwell, 

Laura Lieneman, Amara Bryant, 

Sarah Larson, Bryan Suriano

PI: Dr. Lindsey Crawford

PhD Microbiology and Immunology;

 SUNY Upstate Medical University

BS Microbiology; 

Oregon State University

BS Biochemistry and Biophysics; 

Oregon State University

Current Members

Kamryn Pfenning

Research Technologist II

BS Biochemistry and BA Spanish

Nebraska Wesleyan University

Hi my name is Kamryn Pfenning. I grew up in Nebraska and graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University in May of 2022 studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Spanish. I am currently completing a second gap year working as a research technician in the Crawford Lab and am applying to attend medical school in the fall of 2024.

Lucia Martinez Cuesta, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

PhD; University of Buenos Aires

I am a Biochemist from Tandil, a small city in Argentina. I did my Ph.D. at the University of Buenos Aires working on Bovine Leukemia Virus, a retrovirus that affects cattle causing a lymphoproliferative disease. During my graduate studies, I did an internship at Kansas State University at Dr. Raymond Rowland´s lab working on porcine viruses (PPRSV and PCV2). Later, I did a postdoctoral fellowship at the National University of the Center of Buenos Aires Province (UNCPBA) working under the supervision of Dr. Sandra Perez, studying the differences in neuropathogenesis between Bovine alphaherpesvirus 1 and 5. During that time, I did a four-month internship at Boston University with Dr. Juan Fuxan Bass working on functional genomics and discovering novel cis-regulatory elements in DNA viruses.

In Dr. Crawford´s lab, my project aims to characterize the kinetics of human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) latency and reactivation in different hematopoietic cell stages. My goal is to find crucial viral and cellular factors that control the recovery from latency that could be targeted with novel antivirals. My long-term plans focus on discovering novel antivirals for human and bovine herpesviruses.

Undergraduate Students

Amara Bryant, BS Biological Sciences, 2025

Bryan Suriano, BS Biochemistry, 2025  (McNair scholar 2023-2025)

Chloe Deabler, BS Biological Systems Engineering, 2025 (UCARE 2023-2024)

Laura Lienemann, BA Music, Biochemistry minor, 2024

Lexi Hauxwell, BS Biochemistry, 2025 (UCARE 2023-2024)

Emily Hogg, BS Biochemistry, 2024 (UCARE 2022, 2023), CASNR and Honors College thesis project

Kate Thorstenson, BS Biological Sciences, 2024 (UCARE 2023-2024)

Kai Waddell, BS Microbiology, 2025 (INBRE scholar 2023-2025)

Sarah Larson, BS Biochemistry, 2027, BIOC 098 student

If you are interested  in joining the group, please see here


Spring 2023 Undergraduate Interns

(Back, left to right)

Kai Waddell, BS Microbiology, 2025 

Kate Thorstenson, BS Biological Sciences, 2024

Chloe Deabler, BS Biological Systems Engineering, 2025

Lexi Hauxwell, BS Biochemistry, 2025

Amara Bryant, BS Biological Sciences, 2025

(Front, left to right)

Shorooq Al Hikamani, BS Microbiology, 2023, MBIO498

(Kamryn Pfenning, BS, Research Technologist)

Laura Lienemann, BA Music, Biochem minor, 2024

UNL Undergraduates

Laura Lienemann, intern 2023, 2024; BA Music, Biochem minor, 2024; current undergraduate student

Shorooq Al Hikamani, MBIO498 2023; BS Microbiology, 2023

Sam Konwinski; intern 2022; BS Biological Sciences, 2023

Summer REU Students

Mary Helms; USREV 2022; BS Biology, 2024, Wayne State College; currently undergraduate student

Visiting Students

Kamryn Pfenning, 2022; BS Biochemistry, 2022, Nebraska Wesleyan University; currently research technician